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1- Dear Medusa, what life experiences inspired you to be passionate about music and performing?
From my insecurities, fears and my desire to feel special and complete came my passion for singing music. I was a painfully shy girl and I started expressing my simplest and most profound feelings through singing thanks to the encouragement of my beloved father. In real life I’ve often felt ugly as if I was looking at myself in a broken mirror where parts of my body seemed deformed, but singing has always made me feel better. I’ve many unforgettable memories singing Broadway musicals and swing with my father. My father was the most positive figure in my life and, when I sing, I feel his spirit alive and well and this gives me strength.

2- What is your perspective on music and what are your artistic reference points?
Music is like a letter sent by a composer or singer to the listener. The letter is then interpreted and modulated depending on the listener’s life and emotional experiences. This letter becomes a never ending mosaic full of the emotions of the letter’s creators including the composer, the performer and the listener. These musical letters become a part of our life force.
My artistic reference point is life itself and the power of nature. I always feel close to God and musically inspired when I am surrounded by nature. I feel energy through pure, fresh air, the regenerating protection of the woods, the gushing freedom of water and the explosive power of volcanoes.

3- What interesting encounters have you had working on the stage?
Growing up I often performed principal roles in Mozart operas on stage. Amongst my many theatrical experiences I remember singing an aria under a bed and seeing a ghost on stage. Often when off stage I have felt a bit lonely but then when back on the stage I have always felt like I was in good company. Mozart wrote his music in the 1700s and he left his love in his music with evergreen exuberance. This love is reborn every time someone sings and performs his music on stage.
When I am on stage I feel totally free and nude where my soul is my costume. All my life experiences come together and become one harmonious single experience.

4- How do you perceive the musical environment today? What would you change and on the contrary what interests you?
The musical world today is a pure example of our present society. Music is eclectic, angry and confused but full of passion. I wouldn’t change anything because then music wouldn’t be a genuine reflection of life today. The person who interests me more than music is my son Gabriel: his happiness comes before everything. I hope he can grow up in a society where he is always able to express himself creatively without being limited or judged.

5- Would you like to speak about the videoclip “Swim” that you have just finished recording?
What an exhilarating experience working with the film crew on this videoclip! The crew made me feel so comfortable and I couldn’t stop laughing! It was a surreal, dreamlike experience!
“Swim” is a song by English composer William Orbit and Madonna as part of Madonna’s seventh album “Ray of Light” released in 1998. Madonna was one of my teenage idols so it has been a real honor to interpret one of her hits.
At the beginning of the filmclip I interpret the role of a high flying, successful businesswoman who hides all of her feminine side behind male clothes and by behaving like a man so she can be treated seriously and be given the same rights as men in her field of work. However this song is about the businesswoman’s desire to be liberated from past negativity and to change her life in the hope of having a better and more positive future. At the end of the film clip there is her moment of optimistic change when she goes under the water as if dying and comes out of the water illuminated and reborn having rediscovered her true feminine nature.

6- Is there a funny anecdote or behind the scenes story that you would like to tell us about?
Before performing I always get nervous and I don’t breathe as deeply as I usually do and then I start yawning. They say yawning is contagious and in fact just thinking about yawning makes you want to yawn. I just hope that the audience doesn’t yawn too much during my performances!

7- What would you like the audience to discern about you?
When listening to me or watching my videos I would like the audience to be transported to a warm and cosy place like sitting by a fireplace and instead of seeing Medusa’s petrifying eyes I would like them to imagine looking into a hearty, reassuring fire.

8- Would you like to greet our Start readers?
To all of the Start readers, I’m sending you my most petrifying glances with the hope that their apotropaic power will send away evil spirits and bring you protection and wellbeing!

(Christos - January 2019)

watch the music video "SWIM"

• management, screenplay, subject and artistic direction; CHRISTOS (Start Events / Start Now!)
• direction: Roadshine Production
• photographs: Valerio Faccini

Start Events and Start Now are proud to present the debut of an intense artist: Medusa.

This Australian/Italian singer was recognized during the last edition of “Nanneo 2018”, a  show dedicated to Mia Martini and organized by our cultural events agency.
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p.iva: 13968561004
piazza di villa Carpegna, 58 - 00165 (RM)
tel: 06 6638302  /  348 6604501